About Us

The state of our democracy is worrisome:

American democracy is in danger. It’s the worst crisis since the Civil War.
  • The Big Lie is being institutionalized through legislation and normalized through bogus “audits” and other attacks on legitimate election results.
  • Congress and the state legislatures are gerrymandered to ensure a disproportionate over-representation of a minority of voters.
  • In the United States Senate, senators from one party control half the seats despite representing a far smaller portion of the population, and are using their power to block progressive legislation and politicizing the federal courts.
  • If successful, these efforts will establish a system of minority party rule for decades in the future.
An aggressive campaign of voter suppression and vote nullification is under way in dozens of states unseen since the last days of Reconstruction and the Jim Crow era. Most alarmingly, The Big Lie has transformed into an on-going campaign to reverse the 2020 election and let politicians at the state level reverse future elections if they don’t like the result. We can’t let them succeed. We have to retake our country.

Retake Democracy is committed to supporting American democracy and defending it from attack by unscrupulous politicians, public officials, and extremist media. We will educate and inform Americans about who supports The Big Lie and those who seek to reverse the results of free and fair elections and undermine our faith in American democracy.

The Retake Democracy plan:

  • Retake Democracy will provide information about public officials and politicians who refuse to condemn the insurrection on January 6th, those who lend credibility to The Big Lie, and favor legislation to disenfranchise voters or overturn legitimate elections.
    Because elections in the United States are run by state and local governments, this is where Retake Democracy is focused.
  • Americans entrust their democracy to state and local officials, many of them elected, such as secretaries of state, attorneys general, and local officials. The vast majority are trustworthy public servants. However, Americans need to know — and Retake Democracy will inform them — about those who repeat The Big Lie by word or deed, undermine confidence in our democracy, and support laws that suppress the vote or let politicians reverse the will of the voters.
  • We will inform citizens about the importance of voting in ALL races, including down-ballot offices that control the election process, such as attorneys general, secretaries of state, legislators, and local officials.
  • Retake Democracy will use highly targeted messages on conventional media as well as innovative and non-traditional approaches on social media both to inform citizens and raise funds. The combination of focusing on educating citizens about state and local officials and the use of highly efficient and targeted educational messages will give Retake Democracy donors the most bang for their buck.

How we'll do it:

  • Focus on states which experienced narrow differentials in election results, also known as “swing states”. This includes AZ, MI, PA, GA, WS, NC, and TX.
  • Focus on state and local offices that are at the heart of election processing integrity, including Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lt. Governor, Governor, State Legislature, Election Commissioner, and County Executive.
  • Develop and run print, radio, and TV ads to raise awareness about candidates for office in the swing states who advocate for and against the Big Lie and any related legislation that support voter suppression or nullification.
    • Encourage citizens to contact their current officeholders who advocate for voter suppression to ask them to ensure all votes should be counted.
    • Identify and publish the specific voter suppression and nullification legislation and ask citizens to contact their elected officials to reject any such legislation.
  • Publish information and links to county polling sites and registration deadlines.